Do you want to attend one of our popular exhibition at Motor Freaks Car Club?

Classic cars, legendary motorcycles, accessories, auxiliary industry, miniatures, collectibles, vintage fashion, If you are a businessman or professional in the classic motor segment, participating as an exhibitor at Motor Freaks Car Club is of interest to you. We give you some keys to study the possibility of participating:

Motor Freaks Car Club is one of the largest exhibition and commercial event and reference in Spain for professionals and companies linked to the classic motor.

Toyota self-driving car - Consumer Electronics Show - CES … | Flickr

Guarantees visibility to business and professional activity before a potential market of thousands of fans

Provides new business opportunities

It concentrates in a single space all the products and services linked to the classic segment

It offers exhibition rates at very competitive prices and discounts on hiring surface

Around 35,000 people have visited the Salón de Clásicos annually, which has been held in the Crystal pavilion since 2010