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Everything you need to know to come to Motor Freaks Car Club.

Motor Freaks Car Club, the International Classic Vehicle Show, brings the history of the classic motor closer to all those interested in all or any of the aspects that make up the automotive heritage. This showcase, the largest in the Iberian Peninsula, opens its doors as a powerful commercial engine and as an unavoidable exhibition scenario of the social, industrial and economic evolution that the arrival of motor vehicles meant. If you are passionate about motorcycles and classic cars or simply want to come with family or friends to recall the jewels of the past, this is your best plan.

Motor Freaks Car Club is living history. In the heart of the capital of Spain, in an emblematic three-story building you can find collector’s cars and motorcycles, popular classic cars, accessories, parts, spare parts, vintage markets, accessories, textiles, services, publications (books and magazines) , etc.

The Salón de Clásicos brings together national and international exhibitors: companies, professionals, clubs and entities, and develops an extensive program of parallel activities aimed at favoring the projection of automotive history.

Outside the Crystal pavilion there is free parking for classic vehicles with which fans contribute to creating an open-air museum open to the public.