Welcome to the Club.

An exclusive club for those who feel attracted by a different way of understanding the world of collector cars, made up of people who share their passion for these unique cars, and enjoy a style and philosophy of life associated with excellence.

FIAT Coupe Car Club | Festival Italia at Brands Hatch 2018 | 35mmMan |  Flickr

Be part of an Exclusive Club.

To be a member of the Motor Freaks Car Club it is necessary to have a passion for our brand, own (or be about to own) a Hurtan vehicle and register in the form that you will find further down in this section.

Once registered, you will become part of a database from which the Club’s communications will be sent. We will keep you informed in a timely manner of exclusive events for members, as well as news related to Hurtan, new releases and other actions of interest about our cars.

Meetings and Weekend Routes.

Club meetings are always scheduled based on the premise of the greatest excellence and exclusivity.

They are usually monthly meetings that include a route and a subsequent lunch or a tour of areas of special interest due to their landscape, which sometimes end with a Coffee & Brunch.

We also organize quarterly meetings lasting a full weekend with a gastronomic route and accommodation included. The visit to our factory in Granada is one of the favorite routes for our partners.