The existence of this Association has the purpose of promoting the care and enjoyment of old, veteran, classic and pre-classic vehicles, as well as strengthening the relationship between owners. The Motor Freaks Car Club was born almost a decade ago in order to enjoy our fans and make up for the absence of classic events at that time.

Willmar Car Club & A&W Country Stop Cruise Night May 2015 | Flickr

Over the years, that club made up of half a dozen members has grown to the current situation, becoming a reference for fans of classic cars in the Granada Community. Events such as annual concentrations, photographic and regular rallies, rallies in Morocco, visits to foreign festivals and museums, training, certificates, film shoots and restorations, are part of the activities that the club organizes, always focused on the fan.

The weekly dinners are always the meeting place for all fans of the classic vehicle, the collaboration in the organization of events of other institutions and clubs, the participation of our associates in all of them, being highly recognized.

In addition, we offer all kinds of specialized services in classic cars, such as advice on purchase and restoration, maintenance, insurance, sale, transport, etc…

Another important facet is the follow-up of the modifications of the regulations on classic vehicles, mobilizing ourselves with other clubs and the FEVA to improve the protection of our historical heritage.

All this growing activity fills us with pride and encourages us to continue growing, uniting fans and, ultimately, making friends.